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Exterior view of Impact Hub office. "555" on wall is semi-visible from 116th Ave NE.

Our new office space is at Impact Hub Bellevue (reminder: we can also use Impact Hub Seattle. They are under the same ownership and our rent applies to both locations). The location is 555 116th Ave NE, Suite 242, across the street from the Chevrolet dealer (47° 36' 55" N 122° 11' 11" W).

Amenities include a lunch room, currently without running water, which will be moved to a location with water.

The monitors in the conference rooms support Chromecast which I tested from an Android phone.

There is wifi that's supposed to cover most of the premises, which are on two floors. Lots of the downstairs space is under renovation, including an even larger conference room than that shown, which will accomodate ~100 people in theater style seating, or fewer if tables are installed. Individual offices will have hardwired Ethernet, but no phone service. I didn't see an elevator to the second floor, which might pose an accessibility issue.

Use of any spaces is free through the end of March, coordinate reservations through Pine. After that, rates are something like $20–50 per hour depending on size.

The office manager, John Sechrest, is interested in having us use the space for editathons and other events which he will help publicize through Seattle area startups mail lists. We can ask him for details if anybody is interested.

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