Workroom/Cascadia Wikimedians User Group launch checklist

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  • YesY Approval for Wikimedia user group affiliation (Date: 2014-09-12; Result: Approved)
  • YesY Appoint Board members and officers (Date: 2015-01-24)
  • YesY Select, install, and configure accounting software (Date: 2015-01-30; Result: Xero)
  • YesY Cascadia Wikimedians Quick Start Grant from Wikimedia DC (Date: 2015-01-31; Result: Approved)
  • YesY Get a registered agent (Date: 2015-02-05; Result: Patty Henry)
  • YesY Sign and return WMF Trademark Permission Agreement (Date: 2015-02-10)
  • YesY Apply for startup funds
  • YesY Sign Wikimedia DC funding agreements
  • YesY Create logo samples (Date: 2015-02-10; Result: Reviewed streaming at meetup)
  • YesY Create website (Date: 2015-02-10; Result: You are reading it!)
  • YesY Create email redirects (Date: 2015-02-10; Result: redirects seem to work, if not sent from recipient's own account)
  • YesY Registered agent sends WA incorporation application (Date: 2015-02-11)
  • YesY Select logo (Date: 2015-02-12; Result: Logo selection complete)
  • YesY Create business card layout, print customized cards for interested board members/director (2015-02-19 status: Brianhe picked up his at Impact Hub offices; Pine delivered to others on 2/13 in person)
  • YesY Receive State of Washington incorporation documents (Date: 2015-03-17; Result: received by agent)
  • YesY Acquire IRS Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) (2015-03-24 status: Pine applied for and received TIN)
  • YesY Open bank account (2015-03-24 status: BECU commercial savings and checking accounts opened; Pine and Brianhe have signature access, ATM cards, and account audit access forms for other board members)
  • YesY Create social media accounts (2015-03-26 status: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts listed on homepage)
  • YesY Order and receive checks for bank account
  • YesY State of Washington incorporation
  • First-year budget
    • Draft budget created (date: 2015-01-24 result: budget review completed by board at Mercer Isl. Lib. meeting)
    • Reviewed again at 2015-03-24 meetup
    • Not yet accepted by WMF (? needs update after 2015-01-12 meeting between Pine & Alex)
Not done or unconfirmed
  • Receive funding from Wikimedia DC
  • Pay for mailbox
  • Pay for first month's rent at Impact Hub Bellevue
  • 501(c)(3) registration
  • Register trade name with State of Washington
  • Obtain city business license(s)
  • Report for Quick Start Grant from Wikimedia DC due by April 30 (using this form)
  • Deposit quick-start grant funds